Scholastic Art & Writing Competition: 

The NDB Winners

New York, NY – The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for creative teens, accepts submissions from students across the country in grades 7–12. The Awards have fostered creativity and talent since 1923 for millions of students and feature a notable list of alumni recipients including: Richard Avedon, Truman Capote, Stephen King, Sylvia Plath, Robert Redford and Andy Warhol; and more recently, Richard Linklater and Zac Posen. 


"Teenagers are pushing artistic boundaries and challenging themselves creatively every day, and we are deeply honored to recognize their efforts and accomplishments,” said Virginia McEnerney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. “For nearly a century, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have not only provided a launching pad for many extraordinary artists and writers, but also lets millions of teens know that creative thinking, problem solving and experimentation serve them well in any path they chose in life.”

Noter Dame Belmont began entering student work in 2014 and now proudly honors those young women who have achieved these prestigious awards over the past 6 years.  The work displayed is the creation of the following students, and the years and awards that were received.

2020 Scholastic Winners:  7 Gold Keys, 9 Silver Keys, 5 Honorable Mentions 

Natalie Beier - Gold Key - Femme Fatale

Natalie Beier - Gold Key - Ophelia

Natalie Beier - Silver Key - Rococo

Natalie Beier - Silver Key - The Forecast Calls for Rain 

Natalie Beier - Silver Key - The Stealthy Glance

Natalie Beier - Honorable Mention - A Captivating Story

Elena Garcia - Gold Key - Plastic Princess

Urmila Vaish - Gold Key - Brush with Beauty

Urmila Vaish - Gold Key - Fall Phoenix

Jade Costello - Silver Key - Unicornis

Zoe Enders - Silver Key - Modern Black and White

Julia Granucci - Silver Key - Upscale News

Sophia Kostainsek - Silver Key - I Wish I was There

Nieve Dandekar - Gold Key - Angel and Devil

Nieve Dandekar - Honorable Mention - Blend In

Stella Jaunich - Gold Key - Drowning in Purity

Stella Jaunich - Silver Key - Slumped Beauties

Jorja Fox - Silver Key - Beside the Horizon

Emma Boyd - Honorable Mention - History Hands

Christina Carroll - Honorable Mention - Dark Side of the Beach

Ivy Shen - Honorable Mention - Shadow

2019 Scholastic Winners:  6 Gold Keys, 11 Silver Keys, 17 Honorable Mentions   

Natalie Beier - Gold Key - Into The Woods

Natalie Beier - Silver Key - Distortion

Natalie Beier - Silver Key - New Beginnings 

Natalie Beier - Honorable Mention - The After Party

Natalie Beier - Gold Key - Bubble Bath 

Natalie Beier - Honorable Mention - Sunflower in Cuba

Nieve Dandekar - Honorable Mention - Untitled

Mary Francis Garcia - Silver Key - Fern aka "Fury"

Megan Gory - Silver Key - Yellow State of Mind

Daviana Hayman - Honorable Mention - Perfect Bridge 

Daviana Hayman - Honorable Mention - The Reflection

Xinyi Li - Honorable Mention - Struggling 

Xinyi Li - Silver Key - Vagueness

Yingqing Liu -Honorable Mention - Greed 

Yingqing Liu - Gold Key - Osaka

Isabella Love - Honorable Mention - A Lion's Afternoon Nap 

Isabella Love - Honorable Mention - Eyes on You

Caterina Newman - Honorable Mention - Drama 

Caterina Newman - Honorable Mention - Nightfall

Samantha Ramos - Silver Key - Rolling 

Samantha Ramos - Silver Key - Aligned 

Samantha Ramos - Gold Key - Departed

Hadley Stevick - Honorable Mention - Caught in Mid-air

Kayla Stuart - Silver Key - Destitute

Dominique Sullivan - Gold Key - Unfinished

Lily Wolfe - Honorable Mention - Solitude  

Lily Wolfe - Honorable Mention - Gust  

Lily Wolfe - Silver Key - Night Light  

Lily Wolfe - Silver Key - Escape  

Lily Wolfe - Gold Key - Breathe

Ziyan Xue - Honorable Mention - Presuppose  

Ziyan Xue - Silver Key - Structured City  

Ziyan Xue - Honorable Mention - Fish in Glass

Dongling Yang - Honorable Mention - Plantar fasciitis

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Anya Knoth - Gold Key and Honorable Mention, 2014, 2015

MJ Peters - Gold and Silver Keys, 2015

Rae Lin - Gold and Silver Keys, 2015

Shirin Steward - Gold Key, Regional and National, 2017, Honorable Mention, 2018

Esther Li - Gold Key, Regional and National, Silver Key, Honorable Mention, 2018

Rainy Zhou - Gold Key, 2018

Lily Wolfe - 2 Gold Keys, 2018

Mary Francis Garcia - Silver Key, 2018

Kayla Stuart - Honorable Mention, 2018